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When it Comes to Healthy Eating, What Do I Really Need to Know?

Nebraska Medicine registered dieticians and nutrition technicians

March is National Nutrition Month. At Nebraska Medicine, our 37 registered dieticians are involved in professional volunteer leadership positions, scientific and clinical presentations, authoring and editing scientific journals and participating in research studies that promote evidence-based nutrition guidelines in the Omaha community, as well as nationally and internationally. Nebraska Medicine also utilizes seven nutrition technicians… Read more »

Spiced Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Meghan McLarney stirs her Spiced Pumpkin Soup.

It’s pumpkin season! One of my favorite times of year. Everywhere you look, there are pumpkin flavored coffees, cookies and casseroles. But, many are filled with hidden sugars and fats. If you’re looking for a healthy, tasty pumpkin recipe to serve this holiday season, try my Spiced Pumpkin Soup. One serving is only 97 calories! Now that’s… Read more »

Stop Sitting, Start Moving!

Individuals should be encouraged to limit the amount of sedentary time by breaking up extended amounts of time (more than 1 ½ hours) spent sitting.

Each year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) publishes a new version of the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. The goal is to help patients and primary care providers manage the disease. This year, the 2015 publication added components of physical activity to include: “Individuals should be encouraged to limit the amount of sedentary time by breaking… Read more »

4 Steps to Prevent Diabetes

Amy Neumeister, MD

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. As many as one in 11 people have diabetes. But what’s worse, approximately one-third of Americans have prediabetes and 90 percent of these people don’t know it. The good news, if you are one of those 30 percent of Americans with pre-diabetes, you can prevent it. Here’s… Read more »

Tomato, Cheese & Basil Salad

salad 2

One of my favorite things about summer is picking tomatoes straight from the garden. There’s nothing better. You can use tomatoes in a variety of ways, but one of my favorite recipes is this super quick and simple summertime salad. Salad ingredients: – 3 small tomatoes sliced 1/4 inch – 2 ounces sliced mozzarella cheese… Read more »