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Wig Bank Helps Cancer Patients Boost Self-Image

They line the walls, organized by color: blonde, brunette, red, black and gray. Different shapes and lengths, free to those who need one. People like Angela Turner, who lost her hair after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma for the second time in eight years. “Last December, I started getting a dry cough and night sweats…. Read more »

Head and Neck Cancers On the Rise

William Lydiatt, MD

The last decade has seen a steady rise in the incidence of throat and neck cancers, especially among middle-aged Americans. The greatest increase has been in cancers of the tonsil and base of the tongue, with as many as 70 percent of these having a link to the human papilloma virus (HPV) virus. HPV is… Read more »

Forever Grateful

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. It’s a rare blood disorder that affects your bone marrow. Each year, 600-900 people in the United States are diagnosed with the disease. But, only 20 percent survive past 18-20 months because of the risk of infection or complications from treatment. In most cases, younger patients… Read more »

Is Breast Reconstructive Surgery Right for You?

Deciding whether to have breast reconstructive surgery can be a difficult decision for many women. Women who opt to have breast reconstructive surgery typically are very happy, especially if they have the procedure performed at the time of their mastectomy. As a result, these women never have to live with that scar and can feel… Read more »

Take Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among American women, striking one of every eight women by age 70.  While certain things like age and genetics are out of your control, there are some lifestyle habits you can adopt to help reduce your risk for breast cancer. These include: Maintain your… Read more »