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Mastectomy versus Lumpectomy: Which Option is Best for You

Edibaldo Silva, MD, surgical oncologist

A diagnosis of breast cancer can immediately invoke fear and anxiety. Understandably so.  However, the fear can be so great, that it interferes with a woman’s ability to make sound decisions. For instance, many women choose to have a single or double mastectomy over a lumpectomy, believing incorrectly that a mastectomy is the safest option…. Read more »

Rewards are in the Relationships

The Child Life team at Nebraska Medicine.

I received an invitation to a high school graduation for one of my patients who recently finished 2 ½ years of treatment for lymphoma. The invitation was addressed to “Little Debbie Sunshine Wagers,” which made me smile, and also brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness, but tears brought about by blessings. I… Read more »

The power of quitting

Jill Selzle PA-C, MPAS, RVT

It’s time to say goodbye to your old friend – the cigarette! In these posts, I’ve talked about how to quit – and how to get past the roadblocks that can deter you, like cravings. When you quit, your life will change. You can’t just “cut back” or “smoke lite” and get these benefits. Maybe you… Read more »

What works to kick this smoking habit?

Jill Selzle PA-C, MPAS, RVT

What works? I’m glad you asked! Today we have many tools available to help you quit smoking. You may have tried go cold turkey or know someone who has –I’m sure you soon found this is an extremely hard thing to do, for most people. Maybe they just couldn’t quit, no matter how hard they… Read more »