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Stop the cravings before they derail you

Jill Selzle PA-C, MPAS, RVT

When you’re trying to stop smoking, you will be hit by cravings. There’s no doubt about that. Your body is in a routine. It’s used to getting nicotine at certain times. Let’s face it; you might have put a cigarette to your mouth 200 times a day. That’s a powerful habit. And it’s one of… Read more »

Lung cancer treatment: The revolution continues


In my last post, I discussed drug treatments that have given more optimism – and more years – to lung cancer patients. That’s just one part of the treatment puzzle. Today, we have many more advances in diagnostic testing, in surgery and in radiation treatment. At every point, our knowledge and tools are becoming more… Read more »

Honing in on new drug treatments for lung cancer


Lung cancer has long been a mystery – as we didn’t know much, until the past decade, about the vast number of what we call “non-small cell lung cancers.” More recently, one discovery after another has revealed the secrets. We now can identify certain categories of these tumors. We know that a large number —… Read more »

New insights in lung cancer treatment


In the past decade, we’ve come a long way in our knowledge of lung cancer. Until then, we had only a basic understanding of the tumor cells – and chemotherapy helped only a small percentage of patients. We knew very little about lung cancer cells. We only knew about “small cell lung cancer” and “non-small… Read more »

Where Did Swanson Hall Go?

Swanson Hall is long gone and the new Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is rising from its ashes. Do you know what happened to all the debris?

When I look at the new Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center construction site, it’s hard to imagine it used to be the location of Swanson Hall. In 2013, before deconstruction happened, LiveGreen wondered where demolished buildings went. We are happy to report buildings on campus are largely recycled. Here’s how it works: metal, sections… Read more »